Time Runs Out For The 30-sec TV Ad

Photo Credit: Ingram Pinn

This Article We Found On FT.com is Very Interesting, It Talks About The Changing Landscape of Advertising and How TV Advertising is Being Affected by The Internet...

One of the winners last week at the Cannes Lions, the advertising industry’s annual festival of self-congratulation, was an advertisement for a new Gillette razor designed for carers to shave the elderly. The ad by the agency Grey New York is a delicately filmed and moving narrative; it is also three minutes long.

There you have the advertising industry’s existential problem. Who will spare three minutes to watch an online video ad in these days of vanishingly short attention spans? Who even allows a 30-second ad to play without clicking as soon as possible on the box invitingly marked “Skip Ad”?...

Full Article:


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