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Case Study

The Power Of Branding

Kylie Cosmetics did $420 million in retail sales in just 18 months from Launch. But How?

One Word... Branding!


Ever since 19-year-old (at the time of launch) Kylie Jenner launched her now-signature Kylie Lip Kits on Nov. 30, 2015 — when the three shades sold out in SECONDS. The Fastest growth of ANY Company in the Beauty Industry by far.


But Before She Even Had The Launch... She Had an AUDIENCE. Millions of Followers to be Exact.


Now We Could Not Stress Enough How Important it is NOT to Neglect Branding Which has Become A LOT Easier to Measure How Well You're Doing on That Front. If a Tree Falls in The Woods with no one around, did it really fall down? Same concept with product/service launches.


A Misconception is that you put out ANYTHING & the internet does all the work and figures it out for you. That's not the case, The internet is only merely a TOOL and those who know how to use that tool wisely WIN... & WIN BIG TIME!


Now Whether she planned on gathering a following for the sole purpose of releasing the lipstick line all along? No one knows but one thing we do know is that there is a STRONG correlation between attention & conversion.


Proven Time & Time Again!

A Social-Only Car Dealership?

Selling Used Cars By Only Using Instagram... Sounds Too Good To Be True Right?

Now You're Asking Yourself one of these two questions; Enough of Kylie... What Case Studies Have JMK Studios Actually Done? & How Can You Sustain a Business By Using ONLY Social Media?


Let Us Explain...


Concord Cars is a small-time used car dealership ran outside of a house in East London averaging 120+ followers a day organically on Instagram ALONE. They came to us with ZERO followers (The Account Didn't Exist) to Having 2.5k in the first two weeks of them being our client having also increased sales 100% 

"They Know What They're Talking About"

Syed Kazmi


Concord Cars

Bang For Your Buck!

From £20+ per Lead to Under £2...

When it comes to scaling a business to the next level it is VERY important your advertising budget goes the extra mile to avoid a catastrophic cashflow crisis...

Take this one company for example, Prior to us stepping in they were unable to drive down their costs for marketing their PPI Service on Facebook which was costing them highs of £30 per inbound registration with a industry standard CPA of £18. They were also in need of launching new services since PPI Checks wee coming to a close due to new legislation from the Financial Conduct Authority... It's either DO or DIE!

Within a space of a couple months we helped the firm reached lows of £0.80 per lead and their new services being sub £10 per lead.

Now they are spending over 4 figures a week profitably on Facebook alone!

The Proof is All Here.

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